They give recommendations that make future violence seem more predictable than it is. (excerpt from The New York Times July 17 2019) Risk assessments are virtually useless for identifying who will commit violence if released pretrial. Consider the pre-eminent risk assessment tool on the market today, the Public Safety Assessment,Read More →

Bondsmen complain about new pre-trial release rules, procedures creating them (excerpt from Missouri News Tribune July 15 2019) Two organizations connected with the bail bonds industry have questioned the Missouri Supreme Court’s new rules regarding pre-trial release and the way those rules were proposed. The rules went into effect JulyRead More →

NY bail reform measure under scrutiny (Excerpt from WTEN 10 News – New York, June 28, 2019) ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – This session, lawmakers approved a series of bail reform measures that included eliminating cash bail. A news release from Speaker Heastie’s office released after the budget passed this sessionRead More →

The Disastrous Consequences of DA Larry Krasner’s “Reforms” (Excerpt from Philadelphia Magazine 6/27/2019) Gun-related violent crime is up in Philadelphia. That was entirely predictable when we elected a district attorney whose primary goal is releasing criminals rather than prosecuting them. It was an interesting social experiment: What happens in a majorRead More →