Turn Out The Lights, The Party’s Over: District Attorney Kim Ogg Routed In Re-Election Bid In Houston Once the darling of billionaire donors who abandoned her after their criminal justice reform litmus test failed reality – after choosing criminal enforcement over criminal justice reform – District Attorney Kim Ogg wasRead More →

“End Cash Bail” Flops on Broadway Fifteen Time Offender Out on Zero Bail Violently Breaks Wrist of The Lion King Violinist The New York Bail Reform law, what we might term “End Cash Bail,” has reached an utterly new low: allowing repeat defendants out on automatic zero bails to thenRead More →

Illinois Supreme Court Re-Writes 86,197 Days of Bail Legal History in Less than 100, Setting Up A Collision Course With an Explosion in Recidivism For a generation, the Illinois legislature will now fight a futile political battle over the preventative detention net that they can absolutely never get right, becauseRead More →