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Press Release: ABC Statement on New York Bail Laws

Both Ways Bill: Mayor de Blasio Now Calls For Dramatically Reversing The Bail Reform Law He Supported—Cooler Heads Should Prevail

What’s Michigan State Court Administrator Milton Mack Hiding on Pretrial Risk Tools?

Idaho Officials Proclaim the Success of the Idaho Pretrial Risk Assessment Tool the Day Before a Landmark Study Came out that Proves It Doesn’t Work

Arnold Ventures Welcomes New Paid Mouthpiece – MDRC

New York Times Editorial Board Gets It Factually Wrong on Bail Reform

Arnold Ventures: Risk Assessment Not the Answer; Pivots to Five Points of Light

Minneapolis Mayor is Going to “End Cash Bail” By Hiring Social Workers?

San Francisco Bail Settlement Calls on the City and County to Support a System of Algorithmic Injustice and Completely Lets the Judges and State Courts Off the Hook

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The Future of Bail

The Fourth Generation of Bail Reform Over the last 60 years, the United States has gone through two generations of bail reform, and for the last fifteen years we have been in a period described by some as the “third generation” of bail reform. The third generation of bail reform,

Fact or Myth?

  FACT OR MYTH? Proponents of bail reform often argue with the same talking points to bolster their claim that monetary bail is unfair…but do they get it right?  Are people really “stuck in jail” solely because they cannot afford a $200 bail?  Is the commercial bail industry really an

Performance of Pretrial Release Methods

Which method of pretrial release is the most effective? As one might expect, financial conditions of release (even small bonds) far outperform those of OR and pretrial releases. Judicial discretion is paramount in deciding release and most releases occur without any financial condition or additional court related burden at all. 

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New York’s Bad Bail-Reform Law

In the Media

Tedisco calls for changes to bail reform law

In the Media

Police: Burglary suspect smashed police station window after release without bail

In the Media

Police: Long Island Burglary Spree Suspect Released Under Bail Reform, Then Robs Another Store Hours Later

In the Media

NY Democrats Backpedaling As Bail Reform Laws Put Violent Criminals On Streets

In the Media

Police: Man released under new bail law burglarizes Carle Place store hours later

In the Media

Albany man accused of woman’s death set free under new bail rules

In the Media

Island Park woman arrested twice after release under bail reform law

In the Media

New York’s ‘bail reform’ is going to lead to people being hurt and killed. It’s already happening.

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  • Fostering public-private partnerships to deal with issues of jail crowding

  • Ensuring accountability in the criminal justice system

  • Defending against efforts that weaken criminal accountability and trammel the rights of victims.

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