Pretrial Roadmap 2023 __________ The issue pertaining to the time-period between arrest and trial in the criminal justice system has long been debated.  The stakes could be no higher when balancing the rights of the People, victims of crime, and the safety of communities along with the right to bailRead More →

“Keeping Violent Offenders Off Our Streets Act” Targets Bail Funds Supported by V.P. Harris For all of the rhetoric we’ve heard about ending cash bail, there are two significant flaws in our national system that have escaped the attention of most policymakers.  First, incomplete criminal history information has allowed forRead More →

The Numbers Are In: Legislative Crack-Down on the End Cash Bail Movement in Houston is Reducing Pretrial Crime by Repeat Offenders As crime spiked in Houston, due to bail reform, according to District Attorney Kim Ogg, the once darling of George Soros, Ogg called a friend of hers: Senator JoanRead More →

Six Year Effort to End Cash Bail in California Finally Ends in Resounding Legislative Defeat By ignoring sensible and obvious solutions to the problem within the framework of Article 12 of the California State Constitution’s right to bail, the legislature just kept grasping at potential alternatives to the monetary bailRead More →

PRESS RELEASE CALIFORNIA ASSEMBLY ATTEMPTING TO SNEAK ZERO REFORM BILL THROUGH IN FINAL HOURS OF LEGISLATIVE SESSION FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Franklinville, NJ (August 24, 2022) – After lying dormant for nearly a year, the California Assembly suddenly resurrected Senate Bill 262 on Tuesday and placed the inactive zero bail billRead More →