Houston police chief calls on courts to ‘stop pussyfooting’ after second officer-involved shooting

Houston police chief calls on courts to ‘stop pussyfooting' after second officer-involved shooting

(excerpt from Fox 26 9/16/19)

 - Houston’s police chief called on Harris County criminal courts to “stop pussyfooting” after another officer involved shooting Monday morning left a suspect dead.

Chief art Acevedo voiced his frustration about the ease with which some violent criminals have been able to bond out of jail and commit more crime.

“We need the courts to do their job and to stop pussyfooting with violent criminals—period,” said Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo. “These judges—if they want my cops—God forbid it’s one of our community members. Every time somebody gets injured, I’m gonna call them out by name.”

Acevedo threatened to call out judges who grant bond to violent offenders while speaking at the scene of an officer involved shooting on South Gessner Monday. The shooting happened as one of his officer is recovering from being shot Thursday by a suspect who was out on bond.

Court records show that suspect—Brandon Bell, 17—paid zero dollars to bond out of jail two weeks ago after allegedly carjacking a woman at gunpoint.

“If you lived in a high crime area and you knew that these judges were gonna let a violent criminal go in one door and within a matter of hours or a day or two get out on a low bond, do you want to testify against them?” asked Acevedo.

Acevedo voiced his frustrations at the South Gessner scene where he says a man with a gun ran towards Valley West Elementary School.

Police say they chased the man on foot, and he turned and shot at them. That’s when they returned fire, killing the man just outside of the elementary school campus. The school was put on lockdown.

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