State requests arrest warrant for burglary suspect released on PR bail a second time

State requests arrest warrant for burglary suspect released on PR bail a second time

(excerpt from The Rochester Voice, Sept 27 2019)

DOVER - The Rochester transient whose arrest in two burglaries in three days in July highlighted the failures of the state's recent bail reform legislation has been indicted in one of the break-ins.

Nicholas Closson, 38, whose last known address was on Jackson Street, was formally charged with one count of burglary and two counts of theft by unauthorized taking in connection with a burglary between July 26 and 27, according to court documents.

The burglary indictment alleges that Closson entered the Richardson Street property without permission for the purpose of a "crime of theft."

One theft charge, according to court documents, centers on Closson's "unauthorized control over checks, the property of (the victim), with a purpose to deprive him, thereof, the value of the checks exceeding $1,500."

The second theft indictment alleges Closson stole a tablet and checks from the same house, also with a worth exceeding $1,500.

Meanwhile, the state has requested a warrant for Closson's arrest after he was discharged from a residential program, which was a condition of his $2,000 cash bail being converted to personal recognizance through Strafford County Community Corrections, Strafford County Attorney Chelsea Lane said today.

Closson's PR bail began upon his intake into the residential program on Sept. 3. He left six days later in violation of his agreement with Community Corrections. As of now his whereabouts are unknown, Lane said.

Lane said the state had objected to Closson's bail being converted to PR.

Just four days prior to his arrest in the Richardson Street burglary, Closson was charged with possession of burglary tools (misdemeanor), loitering/prowling (violation) and attempted theft by unauthorized taking (misdemeanor) during a July 24 arrest at a May Street residence that was aided by an armed homeowner who arrived at the scene to find him attempting to burglarize his home and held him at bay until police arrived.

That case is being handled in Rochester District Court since the charges are all B misdemeanors or violations.

Shortly after Closson's second arrest, Rochester Police Capt. Todd Pinkham said if the first arrest had occurred prior to bail reform there would have been a much larger chance he would've been held on cash bail.

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