ABC JOINS CONNECTICUT CHIEF STATE’S ATTORNEY AND THE BAIL AGENTS OF CONNECTICUT IN OPPOSITION TO GOVERNOR MALLOY’S BAIL REFORM PLAN             On March 23, 2016, ABC’s Jeff Clayton and Mike Whitlock appeared before the Judiciary Committee in the Connecticut legislature to call on the committee to reject Governor Malloy’s bail reformRead More →

The American Bail Coalition was alerted early last week that legislation entitled the “No Money Bail Act” would be introduced in the United States House of Representatives.  Since the filing of H.R. 4611 this week, ABC has been gathering information, working with our various partners across the country and coordinating withRead More →

In the federal case of Welchen v. Harris, filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California, California’s Attorney General Kamala Harris recently made clear that she is not going to be bullied by the Plaintiffs.  Recall that in the last installment of this case, U.S. DistrictRead More →

Earlier this year, the New Mexico legislature introduced Senate Joint Resolution 1 (SJR1) which would have essentially adopted the New Jersey version of bail reform that is being touted across the country.  The originally proposed SJR1 would have kept dangerous defendants in jail but release everyone else other than those deemed dangerousRead More →

The American Bail Coalition’s Policy Director, Jeff Clayton, discusses Governor Malloy’s proposed bail legislation to require all criminal defendants to post deposit bail on Connecticut’s CBS-affiliate 94.9 FM.  Malloy’s plan would require a criminal defendant to post 10% of the bail amount set by the court in cash as an alternative to a defendantRead More →