Police look for accused felon who fled as bail laws are phased in

Police look for accused felon who fled as bail laws are phased in

(excerpt from the Post Star - Dec 30 2019)

The state’s new bail laws don’t start officially until Wednesday, but local police are already looking for an alleged home burglar and gun thief who fled the state in recent days after he was released on his own recognizance.

Courts around the state have been phasing in the new bail laws, which will result in many defendants who would have been jailed while awaiting trial being released with no bail.

Galen A. Tryon, 33, of Warrensburg, was released on his own recognizance in recent weeks after being arrested on two felony charges, including second-degree burglary. He allegedly went into a home on Pinewood Avenue in Queensbury last Aug. 27 to steal a shotgun and a small amount of cash. The Mossberg shotgun has not been recovered.

Second-degree burglary is punishable by up to 15 years in state prison and is filed when a person goes into a home to commit a crime. It is a charge for which defendants had to be arraigned and have bail set under current laws. But with the changes in the law, beginning Jan. 1, they will be released, even though the charge is considered a violent felony under state law.

Tryon also had been charged with felony forgery for cashing a stolen check at a store in Queensbury, court records show. Police said he is also a suspect in thefts of a car that was sold to a scrap metal dealer.

“He had been on a crime spree for a few months,” Warren County sheriff’s Lt. Steve Stockdale said.

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