New York’s ‘bail reform’ is going to lead to people being hurt and killed. It’s already happening.

New York's 'bail reform' is going to lead to people being hurt and killed. It's already happening.

(excerpt from Law Enforcement Today - Jan 2, 2020)

NEW YORK- For many, January 1 represents a new beginning.  “New year, new me!”  New years resolutions.  All that jazz.

For criminals in New York, January 1 has represented freedom.

New bail reform laws officially kicked in on Wednesday in New York, though judges and prosecutors have been slowly starting to acknowledge them since they passed the vote in April.  As a reminder, the legislation was embedded in a budget bill, with little information given about the fine print.

This means there was no room for debate, adjustments, comments, criticism.

Democrats believe that with criminals being allowed their freedom once apprehended while they await their court dates (if they show up), this is a way of achieving economic equality.

Sure, now the poor and the wealthy are both equally free to give justice the middle finger and decide against showing up for court.  Or to commit a few more crimes before they’re apprehended again, and then let free again.

This new legislation doesn’t allow judges to have any discretion in determining whether a person is a flight risk, nor whether they pose a threat to public safety or will commit more crimes.

Aside from that, a big concern for law enforcement and prosecutors is those released intimidating or quieting witnesses so they don’t testify against them.

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