Fulton County DA cracking down on repeat offenders

Fulton County DA cracking down on repeat offenders

(excerpt from FOX5 Atlanta - March 1 2019)

 - Repeat offenders in Fulton County could soon stay in jail longer. District Attorney Paul Howard Jr. says it's time to make some changes that will keep these criminals off the streets.

Friday afternoon, he released a plan to keep these violent offenders behind bars. In the first part, Magistrates will not be able to issue bond for what he calls "7 Deadly Sins." In a document, the DA wrote those “sins” includes: "Armed Robbery, Kidnapping, Home Invasion, 1st Degree, Aggravated Stalking, Motor Vehicle High Jacking, Aircraft High Jacking, Defendants who are Repeat Offenders and are charged with the following offenses, Arson, Aggravated Assault, and Burglary." In the second part, the DA requests what he calls "a more extensive change in our release procedures as they relate to repeat offenders."

"I think that we've reached maybe a tipping point in our community and I'm hoping that even though we have made these complaints over and over again I'm just hoping that now people will pay some attention," said Fulton County DA Paul Howard Jr.

This meeting comes on the heels of a town hall meeting Thursday where Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields says her people are doing their best to clean up crime, but they need some help.

"When we fail I stand in front of you and I say we failed and we own it," said Chief Shields. "I need the district attorney to show us who is getting prosecuted and who is getting pled out."

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