‘Yeah, I Took That Shot, Too.’ CMPD Chief Putney Blasts Chief Magistrate, Media

'Yeah, I Took That Shot, Too.' CMPD Chief Putney Blasts Chief Magistrate, Media

(Excerpt from WFAE 90.7 - June 26, 2019)

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney on Thursday criticized recent changes to bail policy in Mecklenburg County, in which bail minimums have been reduced or eliminated, and more people have been released from jail with electronic monitoring.

During a news conference, CMPD invited activist Marcus Philemon of Judicial Watch to speak. Judicial Watch lobbies for longer sentences and is opposed to the county's bail policies, which have resulted in more defendants being issued summons instead of being arrested.


Philemon criticized Chief District Judge Regan Miller and Chief Magistrate Khalif Rhodes, who have implemented the changes.

"We need those who are creating the problem to change the problem," Philemon said.

Putney was asked if he agreed with Philemon's criticism of Miller and Rhodes.

Putney said, "the system doesn't have equal accountability."

He added: "There is some accountability that all people in the justice system need to be held to - a certain standard. And you can plug in any name. They all qualify as far as I'm concerned."

Putney said he has reached out to Miller and Rhodes and has not heard back.

Putney said he believes the new bail policy, as well as electronic monitoring, is related to the increase in violent crime.

"There is a clear indication," he said.

Putney said people with electronic monitoring "have become more brazen."

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