Numbers raise questions about move to reform bail in Maryland

Numbers raise questions about move to reform bail in Maryland.

More unintended consequences of allowing the state and those prosecuting you to be the gatekeepers of your freedom.

WBALTV11 – May 29 2018

“In March 2017, an average of 655 arrestees were held each day at Central Booking. In March 2018, the average jumped to 856 per day, an increase of 23 percent. State corrections officials said one reason for the big jump is that more people are being held without bail pending trial.”

“Typically, those held without bail are the most violent suspects of highest risk to public safety and flight. But Baltimore District Court judges are also holding people charged with misdemeanors without bail, and that includes people charged with driving on a revoked license, failing to register as a sex offender, misdemeanor assault and theft.”


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