Missouri Supreme Court WORSE Than California Supreme Court!!

Missouri Supreme Court WORSE Than California Supreme Court!!

(excerpt from The California Political Review - July 16 2019)

I know this is going to be hard to believe.  But, the Missouri Supreme Court makes the California Supreme Court look lazy and conservative.  At least when our courts harm the public safety, they do it in public and smirk at us.  In Missouri, they do it without input and in back rooms.  That is how the Missouri Supreme Court operates—no need for public discussion or testimony.

“Although a number of other states have embraced bail reform to one degree or another, the new rules in Missouri were conceived and put into effect by the high court in complete secrecy.  Not only was the public locked out of the closed-door proceedings, there was neither input nor approval from the state legislature.  Both Republican and Democratic lawmakers have expressed outrage at the Supreme Court overstepping its bounds in setting public policy for the state.

The rules radically change the way in which persons arrested and charged with a crime in Missouri are handled pending trial.  Rather than setting monetary conditions for release, the court now requires defendants be evaluated by a risk assessment algorithm to determine if they represent a danger to society.  The underlying assumption with bail reform is that the vast majority of individuals have only been charged with minor misdemeanors and are inherently low-risk.”

Expect the California Supreme Court to learn bad habits from Missouri.

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