Making a difference, one pledge at a time

Making a difference, one pledge at a time
Somerset, New Jersey

After losing his brother to cancer, Shawn Thomas made a pledge to himself and his family to start living his life with his brother’s philosophy in mind. That philosophy includes hard work, integrity and a commitment to following your dreams. Since he’s made that pledge, Shawn has been donating a portion of his profits from his bail bond agency, Barry Bail Bonds, to finding a cure for colon cancer. Because of his philanthropic nature, Shawn also plays an active role in an organization called the Franklin Township Youth Initiative where he has a position on the safety and education committee. He has organized a youth focused police academy summer program for young adults in his community dedicated to teaching them a wide variety of topics including everything there is to know about law enforcement. Shawn is one out of twenty licensed fugitive recovery agents in New Jersey, so he understands the importance of law enforcement.

He also makes time to volunteer once a week to help out other youth programs in his neighborhood. Shawn knows how important it is for young men to have a male role model in their life, which is why he makes himself available to talk and provide guidance and counsel to youth in his community. Sometimes, these people are the same ones to whom Shawn provides bail bonds.

So the next time you’re passing through Somerset, New Jersey, stop and visit Barry Bail Bonds. Introduce yourself and stay awhile because Shawn is not just the kind of person you may need to know one day; he’s the kind of person you want to know.

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