911 Bail Bonds Hosts Charity Drive for the Homeless

911 Bail Bonds Hosts Charity Drive for the Homeless
Las Vegas, Nevada

911 Bail Bonds is known as the biggest bail agency in Las Vegas. The company is also involved with the city on a community level. A recent example of this took place when 911 Bail Bonds agreed to host a charity fundraiser initiated by the Justin Foundation.

The Justin Foundation set up booths and tents in the parking lot of the 911 Bail Bonds office. For several days, hard-working volunteers raised funds and awareness by washing cars. The money they earned went towards helping the homeless of Las Vegas.

The business has done well for itself by providing bail bonds in Las Vegas. As such, founder Tony Collins has a vested interest in improving the city he calls home. Participating in charitable drives such as these is one way in which he does this. To show their appreciation, some of the grateful volunteers gave Mr. Collins’ car a free wash.

Nevada was hit particularly hard by the economic recession, and Las Vegas continues to feel the aftereffects. While Vegas is associated with wealth, there are still many who have suffered hard times. By cooperating with charitable groups like the Justin Foundation, 911 Bail Bonds makes its own contribution towards helping the less fortunate.

Las Vegas still has a long way to go on the road to economic recovery. The help from local businesses and charities is a definite boon to the city, and a demonstration of how a strong community can weather any crisis.

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