U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit Issues Ruling Dramatically Limiting Federal Judge’s Order in Houston Bail Case: Bail Schedules May Be Used And There is No Right to An “Affordable Bail” New Orleans, LA – For months, we have heard nothing but calls from the Plantiffs in theRead More →

West Virginia Bail Reform Legislation would Encourage the Use of Unproven Criminal Risk Algorithms and Delegate Power to the Courts to Adopt the No-Money Bail System. by Jeff Clayton, Executive Director, American Bail Coalition Conversations on bail reform all are all the new rage. That we can simply use computersRead More →

SJM 13, “Supreme Court—Rescind Bail Rules” clears first hurdle. Today, the New Mexico Senate Rules Committee considered SJM 13, “Supreme Court—Rescind Bail Rules,” which is an edict from the New Mexico legislature demanding that the Court repeal the existing rules and instead implement the will of the legislature and theRead More →

New study issued by law professor proves that the Kentucky’s Pretrial Release Program for those criminally charged is completely failing despite repeated attempts to fix it. by Jeff Clayton, Executive Director Kentucky’s pretrial services program, which costs the state around $12 million annually, is the only statewide pretrial program inRead More →

Despite Nevada Governor Sandoval vetoing legislation to implement the pretrial “risk assessment” statewide because it was “unproven” with “no conclusive evidence pretrial risk tools will work” – Justice Hardesty moved forward with the Nevada Reno-Model…now a proven failure. by Jeff Clayton, Executive Director, American Bail Coalition If you Google howRead More →