The NAACP, ACLU and others are calling for the End of Pretrial Risk Assessments in the United States. As bail reform groups such as the Pretrial Justice Institute continue to push the expansion of pretrial risk assessments across the country, national groups are going in the exact opposite direction, rejectingRead More →

When we heard the news recently about Senator Sanders’ federal legislation to end money bail in the United States, several thoughts immediately came into our minds. The first thought we had was – what took you so long? Senator Kamala Harris has already one-upped the “Big Bern” by making endingRead More →

Big Data is Big Business for reformers accumulating a massive inventory of private information on criminal defendants…enter the MacArthur Foundation. Many of you have read about our continuing attempts to expose the fact that much of criminal justice reform is that the process is the product.  In other words, thereRead More →