Illinois Supreme Court Re-Writes 86,197 Days of Bail Legal History in Less than 100, Setting Up A Collision Course With an Explosion in Recidivism For a generation, the Illinois legislature will now fight a futile political battle over the preventative detention net that they can absolutely never get right, becauseRead More →

Connecticut’s Proposed Constitutional Amendment Would Replicate New York’s Failed Bail Reform Connecticut sits on the precipice of disaster — that is, if the state General Assembly has its way with a proposed constitutional amendment which would eliminate the constitutional right to bail and replace it with a statewide system ofRead More →

Connecticut Legislature Set to “End Cash Bail” Similar to New York and Illinois Creating Bail Reform Chaos On Wednesday, March 22nd, the Connecticut Legislature’s Joint Judiciary Committee will hear H.J. 261, legislation that proposes an amendment to Connecticut’s constitution that will eliminate the right to bail by sufficient sureties andRead More →

Hawai’i Legislature Going Down Precarious “End Cash Bail” Road Again as New York Prepares to Further Roll-Back End Cash Bail Reform Law on April 1 There was a great policy debate about bail reform last year in Hawai’i that turned out to be just that—a debate.  That is because theRead More →

Florida Legislation Takes Money from Crime Victims in Order to Help Charitable Bail Project Make Their Political Point of “Ending Cash Bail” Charitable bail funds, which sprang up a few summers ago on the premise of “bailing out peaceful protestors,” are not as straightforward as you would think.  The fundsRead More →

Indiana Legislation to Require Greater Transparency of Judges in Handling of Criminal Matters “Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman.” — Louis D. Brandeis, 1913 Senator Mike Gaskill of IndianaRead More →