Ohio Chief Justice O’Connor’s “Bail Reform Legislation Would Put Domestic Violence Victims At Risk” It’s no secret that leading the charge on bail reform has been Ohio’s Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor, who, now lame-duck, seems intent on leaving her stamp on Ohio’s justice and court system in the final monthsRead More →

The Bail Project: Exposed Up until recently, charitable bail funds have been quietly amassing hundreds of millions of dollars in donations – money they claim is earmarked for their army of “bail disruptors” to post cash bail for those charged with offenses who would otherwise be stuck in jail.  FromRead More →

Download the Pretrial Roadmap: 2022 Pretrial Roadmap: 2022 Navigating the Pretrial Debate & Bail Reform The pretrial space is an area of criminal justice that has long been debated.  The stakes could be no higher when balancing the rights of victims and the safety of communities along with the presumptionRead More →

Is Bail Reform Legislation Quietly Gaining Steam? Judges, Law Enforcement, and Local Officials Need to Engage Before it is Too Late Bail reform is happening in Ohio, even though for some reason no one seems to be watching.  Perhaps other issues have risen to the top – vaccine mandates, theRead More →

Buckeye State Sheriff’s Association Executive Director Sounds Off on the Latest Round of Bail Reform Legislation in Ohio The Ohio legislature is poised to take another run at reforming the pretrial and bail system in Ohio with the introduction of Senate Bill 182 and House Bill 315. What does SB 182 and HBRead More →

Houston Prosecutor Kim Ogg Unloads on Bail Reform, Supported Legislative Move to Tighten Down on Release on Free Personal Bonds Continuing moves toward bail reform are still occurring, which are quite similar to Houston, Texas, where, in the name of the protecting the poor, hardened repeat criminals now slip throughRead More →

The coasts could not be more divergent right now on bail reform.  Delaware Democrats, who enjoy a super-majority in the House of Representatives, passed Senate Bill 7, which requires cash-only bail to be posted a variety of serious offenses in order to be released.  Governor John Carney immediately signed theRead More →