ABC Calls for Approval of Ban-the-Box and Fair-Chance Policies

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (October 14, 2015) – The American Bail Coalition today called on state policy-makers to pursue fair-chance or ban-the-box policies to ensure that citizens with a criminal record have every fair chance to attain a job and stable employment.

“Our members know from first-hand experience that the lack of stable employment is a driving force in recidivism,” said Jeffrey Clayton, Policy Director, the American Bail Coalition. “It is time that those with a criminal record have a fair chance in the employment process. Right now, far too many Americans are automatically disqualified – often by a computer.”

“Although an employer can certainly later disqualify a candidate based on his or her criminal record, ban-the-box and fair-chance policies focus decision-makers on the person and their conduct rather than the fact of the record itself,” Clayton continued. “These policies strike a better balance by offering individuals who ended up in bad circumstances the opportunity to escape the cycle of unemployment and criminality and instead go on to be productive members of society.”

The American Bail Coalition works with partners throughout the country to develop best practices, including greater focus on education and rehabilitation.

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