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Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel Claims Outrage Over the Very Get Out of Jail Free Policies She Is Advocating to Expand

Alaska “Catch and Release” Bail Reform Plan Crafted by Texas Bail Reform Guru Rolled Back by Governor backed Legislation

Jeff Clayton, Executive Director of the American Bail Coalition, on KRMS-AM (Osage Beach, MO)

New Orleans Metropolitan Crime Commission Calls Arnold Foundation Public Safety Assessment “Flawed” as the Pretrial Justice Institute Attempts to Pivot Again

Missouri Supreme Court Waffles on Catch & Release Bail Policies – Vacating New Order at the Eleventh Hour

Missouri Supreme Court’s Criminal Catch And Release Program Starts Monday: Here Is What You Need To Know

Missouri Supreme Court’s New Bail Rules Will Upend the Criminal Justice System on July 1, 2019

Texas: El Paso County Creates a Pretrial Risk Assessment Shred-a-Thon Under Threat of Litigation as Momentum Against Risk Assessment Continues to Grow

Nevada: Proposed Bail Legislation AB 125 Misses the Mark

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The Future of Bail

The Fourth Generation of Bail Reform Over the last 60 years, the United States has gone through two generations of bail reform, and for the last fifteen years we have been in a period described by some as the “third generation” of bail reform. The third generation of bail reform,

Fact or Myth?

  FACT OR MYTH? Proponents of bail reform often argue with the same talking points to bolster their claim that monetary bail is unfair…but do they get it right?  Are people really “stuck in jail” solely because they cannot afford a $200 bail?  Is the commercial bail industry really an

Performance of Pretrial Release Methods

Which method of pretrial release is the most effective? As one might expect, financial conditions of release (even small bonds) far outperform those of OR and pretrial releases. Judicial discretion is paramount in deciding release and most releases occur without any financial condition or additional court related burden at all. 

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The Problems With Risk Assessment Tools

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Missouri Supreme Court WORSE Than California Supreme Court!!

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Bail-setting tool flawed, often ignored in New Orleans, watchdog group finds

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Local sheriffs upset over “catch and release” rules handed down by Missouri Supreme Court

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Bondsmen complain about new pre-trial release rules, procedures creating them

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Crime Watchdog: New Orleans risk assessment program waste of money

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NY bail reform measure under scrutiny

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The Disastrous Consequences of DA Larry Krasner’s “Reforms”

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Drug crimes on the rise across Cullman County

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