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North Carolina

Bail Reform in North Carolina: What the ACLU should ask the ACLU

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Detention, Release From Jail, and Computerized Bail Justice in California: Is it 1984 All Over Again?

Crime Victims United: Reforms have made Californians less safe and cost lives

ACLU of Northern California Statement on Referendum to Overturn SB10: We Firmly Hate the Bail Industry

BREAKING: Nearly 600,000 Signatures Submitted by Coalition to Overturn California Bail Legislation, SB-10

ACLU of Texas Attempts to Coerce Texas Counties into the Dying Bail Reform Movement – Buyer Beware

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Lessons from California’s Bail Reform Law

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The Future of Bail

The Fourth Generation of Bail Reform Over the last 60 years, the United States has gone through two generations of bail reform, and for the last fifteen years we have been in a period described by some as the “third generation” of bail reform. The third generation of bail reform,

Fact or Myth?

  FACT OR MYTH? Proponents of bail reform often argue with the same talking points to bolster their claim that monetary bail is unfair…but do they get it right?  Are people really “stuck in jail” solely because they cannot afford a $200 bail?  Is the commercial bail industry really an

Performance of Pretrial Release Methods

Which method of pretrial release is the most effective? As one might expect, financial conditions of release (even small bonds) far outperform those of OR and pretrial releases. Judicial discretion is paramount in deciding release and most releases occur without any financial condition or additional court related burden at all. 

What We Stand For

  • Protecting the constitutional right to bail in the United States of America

  • Maximizing releases of defendants from jail

  • Fostering public-private partnerships to deal with issues of jail crowding

  • Ensuring accountability in the criminal justice system

  • Defending against efforts that weaken criminal accountability and trammel the rights of victims.

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Join our efforts to Take Action against dangerous reforms and efforts that undermine criminal accountability and weaken the Criminal Justice System.